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Poison rants about former employer

Final Post

Dear Roger,

I almost never do Facebook, or even worse, LinkedIn. I just signed in and quickly skimmed over somebody and something about “hilarious blog”.

This freaking blog: a lot of it is outdated. A lot written from the point of view of a spoiled little baby who couldn’t handle getting canned. Maybe it was how it was done: from a promising financial message in the previous Christmas company meeting. To being escorted out of the building, dragging boxes of office junk into the parking lot.

Some feelings were hurt; some folks, not laughing, were Burgess, Hardie, Clark and a few others. I have to duly note there’s a bridge completely burned down to the ground. Also, I have to really apologize for all those glaring typos.

Ended back in Miami, working for current employer. This company was also on the lookout for fresh new business. It dawned on me: our offices were in Florida. Let’s shoot for VF. Why not?

That thing sure snowballed. Halfway through, I moved on to something else. There’s a copywriter there who also wrote for VF. We would talk about the whole thing and I started thinking, “what I have done?”.

Then there they were: these little VF guys in khaki pants, amid hipster facial hair and tats. I thought again: “no, this is not going to happen”.

Then my copywriter co-worker IMed me; she was pretty sure we were going to get the account. A week later, a company email confirmed it, framed with outgoing links to buzz about it online.

VF’s press made sure to note MMG was still on board. I can’t imagine how diminished this role might be. It’s not the coveted flagship account, back in the day, with Dale.

Not even sure how to wrap this up. Well, it’s the final post out of several others that have been damaging. It’s all over, Burgess. Miles Media Group is a good company, with good people. Their site and branding is great, even with screen responsive css.


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